Ever take a look at Zillow? I am sure you have...

The coveted "ZESTIMATE" is something we hear about all the time, but this post is going to cover something EVERY SELLER SHOULD KNOW...


I have been in this business long enough to know that agents will try all sorts of methods to keep a home relevant in your "new listings" feed they send you. What most agents don't understand is that you consumers are pretty smart! We live in a world of the .com era and better yet, GOOGLE! We can research just about anything and get an answer in under 3 seconds.

So, this is to all you sellers out there DO YOU KNOW WHAT BUYERS SEE WHEN THEY SEARCH YOUR HOME ON ZILLOW?!! I am going to show you!

Here is a little example... when you see this PRICE HISTORY about a home on Zillow, what do you think first?


You immediately think...

"What is wrong with this house?!"

"It's been on for a year, on and off, several price changes, what is going on!!!"

What you may not know as a seller is that every time your agent updates the listing by price, the status to pending, removed (including expired and withdrawn) it shows on Zillow. One of the most used real estate sites online! So, although the idea of adjusting a listing to keep it at the top of a feed MAY seem like a good idea.... it really is not. Working with an agent who knows buyer trends and market activity is critical in the sale of your home. In this current market with low interest rates, a vast millennial market that makes up 42% of all buyers now, and a high demand for homes..... if your home is not sold in 15 days, it's considered a stale listing. 

Is your listing stale? There could be very specific reasons. Do you want your listing to get looked at and turned down by a buyer because of how it shows up on Zillow? A good agent knows what consumers will pay, what information they have access too and how it will ultimately affect your homes sale!

If your home is currently on the market, search it on Zillow. See what buyers get to see.

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